The most comprehensive program for instantly creating and permanently maintaining YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE

Mind Recipes for Ultimate Self-Confidence™️ is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create self-confidence on demand — but also how to maintain it forever.

By the end of this program, you will have:

> Nailed down four proven mind recipes for creating self-confidence (instead of spending yet another year trying “positive thinking” and "wait and hope" methods that just waste your time)

> Validated your goals to make sure you KNOW HOW and HAVE THE ABILITY to reach your goals (even if you’ve given up on ever really reaching them)

> Expertly and rapidly personalized all 4 mind recipes for self-confidence (even if you’re a total extrovert and have never done inner work before in your life)

> Discovered in the bonus 5th seminar the fail-safe technique for smashing procrastination whenever it appears (even if you are a life-long procrastinator and have been led to believe you have to know what kind of procrastinator you are before you can solve it)

Plus …

> Mastered the skill of taking charge of your self-confidence, instead of depending on encouragement from others, or on random encouraging events in your life

> Implemented my highly-effective, simple system and routine schedule for fast, easy self-confidence (even if you’ve never stuck to a schedule in your LIFE)

> Leveraged a mix of easy body work, mind work, and rapid internalization to stockpile an arsenal of self-confidence you can use to defeat every obstacle (even if you’ve always give up when the going gets tough and don’t even try to hide that anymore)

Internalized Steve Jobs’ famous bullet-proof mind recipe for self-confidence -- and taken it to an entirely new meta level in a dedicated step-by-step extension recipe


> Absorbed over three dozen realistic, true beliefs that take your self-confidence to the stratosphere and keep it there forever (even if you’re wishy washy and all over the place in your beliefs about your confidence) 

> Mobilized massive action in your life on up to four goals for which lack of self-confidence has blocked you every time you so much as think about them (even if you just don’t believe any of this will work) 

What’s Inside David Wimberley’s Mind Recipes for Ultimate Self-Confidence™️

Welcome Module

Three things you must know before you begin.

We’re gonna start with the end in mind.

Before you invest any time and energy creating your self-confidence you’re going to learn all about what makes self-confidence both authentic and enduring (and what makes self-confidence flop).

You’re also going to get the inside scoop as to why PERSONALIZED, and DIRECTED mind-recipes for self-confidence are the best way to soar your self-confidence, and why waiting for self-confidence to “develop” or to mysteriously “build up” is a huge mistake. (Hint: You’ll lose TONS of potential and TONS of time, if you don’t take direct action on your self-confidence with direct recipes!)

And another hint: you will only find them here -- no one else teaches this kind of step-by-step guaranteed confidence mind recipes

Finally, you’ll learn that you can map out and schedule your entire self-confidence creation strategy. (It’s simpler than you think -- if you can create alerts in your phone you totally got this.) 

Highlights of the Welcome Module:

> Discover the secrets of what makes self-confidence real (and a common mistake that makes self-confidence impossible).

> Learn why direct action on your own self-confidence is far more effective than hoping or waiting for it to “develop” or “build,” so that you can resist the temptation to “take it slow”, or to “be patient” -- which, surprise surprise, just leads to more “taking it slow” and “being patient,” not to self-confidence.

> Discover why there’s only one reason you don’t have boundless self-confidence -- and what to do about it.

> Learn the Four Secret Truths About Self-Confidence, so you can learn to create self-confidence directly, with immediate results in your actions. 

> Be warned of the One Big Mistake that could ruin all chance of self-confidence in your future. (Like most people, you’re probably making this mistake right now. And it’s easy to correct.) 

You can know, right from the beginning, that you’re gonna make it, instead of letting fear and self-doubt drain all your energy and motivation (even if you've failed to finish a course once or twice in your life).

Self-Confidence Mind Recipe #1

Exactly How to Use Your BODY to Create Massive Self-Confidence

Nothing is more frustrating than trying so-called “power poses,” only to find out, after spending way too much time, that the cookie-cutter ones don’t really work all that well for YOU.

But this is the repetitive, Groundhog Day nightmare that most people using “power poses” find themselves trapped in. They keep trying, over and over, and getting the same lackluster results.

It’s not that power poses don’t work at all. They just don’t work well when they’re copies -- and people have no clue how to go about PERSONALIZING them!

So they just “try what’s recommended”. (Can’t hurt, right? Except that meanwhile, your life is slipping by, for months, even years.) They’re hoping that they’ll be the exception to the rule.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. And in Recipe #1, I’ll show you how to PERSONALIZE body-use techniques for skyrocketing your self-confidence. 

You’ll also get crystal clear on HOW and WHY you can choose to use your BODY for self-confidence that gives you the upper hand in any situation.

Meaning, you’ll be armed with total confidence and excitement to start reaching your goals (without days and weeks and years lost to bouts of self-doubt, and trying the same old things that don’t work all that well!)

Highlights of Self-Confidence Mind Recipe #1:

> Learn the easy, step-by-step way to personalize the way to use your body to create massive self-confidence, without wondering whether it will work.

> Discover, for any goal, whether it’s SELF-DOUBT -- or something else --that is holding you back. 

> Rapidly acquire the skill to immediately open a can of self-confidence in any situation, so that you can take charge, inspire confidence in your tribe, and magnetize them to you and your plan (even if you’re not a natural leader) 

> Solidify your self-confidence by scheduling a regular refresher “workout” that takes mere seconds, but works as if you just spent hours on it. (Hint: this is the key to ELIMINATING attacks of self-doubt when you can least afford it, while nearly guaranteeing that what you set out to do will all be accomplished on time.)

> Deploy the “personalized power posing” self-confidence strategy to crystallize rock-solid self-confidence WITHOUT spending hours in self-talk or posing in silly ways unnatural to YOU.

> Instantly learn what thoughts are behind your self-doubts -- and instantly drop them (without spending hours wasted “working through it,” when you should be showing up to your audience). 

> Discover the good news that you DON’T have to “get to the bottom of” why you feel self-doubt

> Gain self-confidence immediately, without digging up bones from childhood memories, “working through problems,” or other navel-gazing that just takes time away from course development, clients, and marketing -- time you can't afford!

> Experience the control of soaring into self-confidence right away, with something as simple yet powerful as how YOU use YOUR body, so that you can (and WILL) get right to work on a goal that is important to you. 

Self-Confidence Mind Recipe #2

Going Meta on Steve Jobs’ Mind Recipe for Self-Confidence

Self-doubters rejoice!

Nod your head if you have this challenge: 

You need dependable self-confidence to make sure that you take the ACTIONS you KNOW lead to SUCCESS in your space -- but you find that the bottom falls out of your self-confidence at crunch time. Attacks of "imposter syndrome" come on so strong!

And you get nothing done, while stunning successes are snatched up by people no smarter, no more talented than yourself.

They’ve made themselves millionaires, or are on their way to it. Meanwhile, with important tasks piling up, you’re never sure if you can muster self-confidence when your webinar goes live, or even when it's time for a regular post! Still stuck in the same old repetitive patterns of self-doubt ... 

Yep. Completely get it. 

As an ambitious solopreneur who has put it all on the line for your ticket to freedom -- to doing work meaningful to YOU -- you're still not free from the worst taskmaster of all, your own self-doubt.

You want to take the ACTIONS you KNOW lead to SUCCESS in your field. But you also want to make sure those actions are genuine, not forced. And that you can get yourself to do what you scheduled.

That’s why in Mind Recipe #2, you’ll get access to the exact mind recipe I’ve created as a DETAILED meta recipe to Steve Jobs’ famous mind-recipe for self-confidence (the one he dropped into the middle of his most famous speech), so you can create genuine self-confidence in any situation, every single day, without forcing it. And get stuff done!

Highlights of Self-Confidence Mind Recipe #2:

> Confront This Societal Taboo to Unleash a Hidden Power Within You (hint: just confronting the taboo alone can and will bring you a burst of dominating self-confidence -- and my systematic recipe will show you how to make it consistent).

> The Emotional Traps Fatal to Anyone’s Self-Confidence (and how to avoid them completely).

> The simple, smartphone-mediated scheduling system I use to maximize the power of this recipe. (Getting this right is critical to your success. If you fail to do it right, you'll forget.)

> The dominating power of realism in your life. (You’ll never be subject to others’ personalities again. YOU will be who THEY must now deal with.)

> Exactly what to do when an attack of self-doubt comes at you. (Even the best are attacked and tested by self-doubt; knowing how to meet this test and destroy the attack is crucial to your getting to successful launch after successful launch -- and the freedom you know will come with that.)

Self-Confidence Mind-Recipe #3

The Little-Known Secret of "Emotion Transfer" for Self-Confidence


Now that you’ve learned what you MUST know to begin, learned how to use your BODY to create self-confidence, and learned the a powerful ninja MIND recipe for self-confidence, it’s time to take it to the next level with Emotion Transfer

For some people, this is the most intuitive recipe. For others, it’s the most astonishing!

Wherever you land on the spectrum, this Mind Recipe will break down the process into a simple, user-friendly, and fast-acting exercise that guarantees you get your self-confidence infusion immediately instead of after months of “being patient,” waiting for self-confidence to “develop."

Highlights of Self-Confidence Mind Recipe #3:

> How to choose the perfect “source” situation in which you feel self-confidence. The one that best suits your experience, personality, and style (hint: you DON’T have to be perfect at it).

> The art of mapping that self-confidence into a “destination” situation where you NEED it and need it NOW. Most coaches ignore this technique completely and then shrug their shoulders when their students don’t get results.

> Learn how to TRANSFER the self-confidence you feel in one situation into ANY situation where you need it -- in a way that delivers genuine self-confidence in rapidly taking the ACTIONS you KNOW lead to SUCCESS in your field.

> Exactly how to use the Four Context Rules for Self-Confidence to keep you on a straight, direct Autobahn highway to your goals, without crashing through guardrails or getting lost in down the dirt roads of questions, doubts, and mistakes.

> The exact, step-by-step, instant-acting method for defeating procrastination and excuse-making, so you don’t waste time rearranging your desk, but take the essential actions that lead to the success that other people enjoy. You will too, beginning now. 

Self-Confidence Mind Recipe #4

Creating New Transformative Beliefs for Self-Confidence

Now that your skills in creating immediate self-confidence are solid, it’s time to develop the deep, transformative beliefs that will provide you with pure welling rivers of endless self-confidence. 

You won’t just catch up with rivals and competitors, you’ll overtake them. (Not that we should compare ourselves to others. But, um, we do -- sometimes -- right? #RealityBased) 

With step-by-step guidance, you’ll create your own transformative beliefs for self-confidence. 

You’ll develop a high-powered (but easy, automatic) schedule for unleashing massive, continuous flows of self-confidence into concrete ACTIONS you already KNOW lead to SUCCESS.

This mind recipe will break down the process of internalizing powerful, true beliefs into simple, easy-to-execute steps, so that you feel finally feel consistently confident enough to take ALL the ACTIONS you already KNOW lead to SUCCESS in your field. 

Highlights of Self-Confidence Mind Recipe #4:

> Implement the 8-step, detailed (but dead simple) framework for choosing and internalizing true, powerful beliefs that I’ve developed and perfected after studying Albert Ellis, Anthony de Mello, and Epictetus over the last 10 years. (Other coaches teach the same old “empowering beliefs” that may or may be suited to YOU. I teach you how to CREATE your OWN, which are far more powerful.) 

> Create an unstoppable path to taking ACTIONS you already KNOW lead to SUCCESS, based on authentically held, true, transformative beliefs (without ever feeling that you’re forcing it).

> Learn the golden rules for creating new beliefs about YOUR GOAL, about LIFE IN GENERAL, about YOURSELF, and about OTHER PEOPLE … transformative beliefs that will slash your confidence curve for new ACTIONS in half, and have you generating expert-level results nearly right out of the gate. 

> Use my own detailed template to quickly create a reality-based revolution in your life that gives you the supreme confidence needed to take on any new challenge. 

> Leverage an expert-level (but easy to follow) recorded meditation of over 30 deeply powerful transformative, true, reality-based beliefs that you can implement as-is -- or personalize -- for on-the-go meditation while you run, walk, drive, or work. 

Bonus 5th Seminar: Drop Fear & Procrastination

If there’s one skill that can serve you for years to come, it’s the ability to snap out of procrastination at will. Ironically, this is where most people lack confidence and accept as a personality trait what is really just a bad habit.

I totally get it. I used to be terrible at pouring one more cup of coffee, then clicking on one more news item — and I resisted doing anything about it that felt cheesy, artificial, or flat out uncomfortable. 

But getting comfortable smashing procrastination like a pumpkin is so … incredibly .... important to your success. (Hint: If you’re fully self-confident but still victimized by procrastination, you’ll never get results.)

That’s why in this bonus seminar, I’ll give you the ultimate shortcut to the skill of dropping procrastination instantly, and making sure that you get EXCITED every time your schedule says “Time to get to work on your goals.”

I promise you that if you want to acquire this critical skill right now, I’ll arm you with the techniques needed to deliver for yourself like a pro, immediately -- not gradually, not waiting -- and smash procrastination every time it raises its head.

Highlights of the Bonus 5th Seminar: Drop Fear and Procrastination

> How to instantly become a PRO when it comes to working for yourself, even if you’ve noticed working for yourself has meant “reading 20 pointless articles then having a cup of coffee”.

> The simple 5-step ninja sequence to make sure that “all systems are go” the minute you sit down to work. Running through this mind recipe will save you from pretty much all of the embarrassing (and costly) delays and lack of focus that sabotage your success.

> Learn the power of this One Big Number: how many millionaires there are in the U.S. right now (hint: the number is greater than the state populations of all except the 7 most populous states! The answer? 11 million millionaires! Why aren’t you on your way to becoming one of them? One big answer is procrastination. Which you’ll kill off forever in your life with this one reality-based, science-literate recipe -- guaranteed.) 

> How to turn your procrastination into a raging workhorse mentality that can’t be held back from surging daily toward your goal until you reach it -- ahead of schedule

> Be warned about two land mine mistakes to avoid, mistakes that when you hit them, will BLOW UP your efforts to stop procrastination (and it’s EASY to avoid them, IF you know where they are).

Mind Recipes for Ultimate Self-Confidence

(A $1,997 Value)

> 5 Mind Recipe Seminars showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to turn your self-doubt into unstoppable self-confidence, and your procrastination into massive action, so that with these reality-based methods, you finally stop waiting, hoping, and procrastinating, and instead REACH YOUR NEXT GOAL. And then the next. Then the next after that. 

> A complete, step-by-step plan for each mind recipe showing you how to create and deliver a high-confidence LIFE for yourself that ethically (and authentically) gets you more of what you want in life (success, respect, and YES, MONEY), and less of what you don’t want (all the opposites).

> Done-for-you, detailed guidance to make sure you NEVER AGAIN wonder what to do in order to speak up, take action, or seize golden opportunities that others are turning into success -- and instead you’ll daily take massively more action than your competitors, and overtake them.

> Meta level self-confidence, at all three levels: using your BODY, using your CURRENT THOUGHTS (using your mind), and BELIEF (creating true, reality-based, powerful beliefs) for self-confidence -- so you can take action, enjoy it immensely, and see yourself 10x your results, year after year.

When you join, you’ll be getting immediate access to ALL FIVE MIND RECIPES in the main area, where you’ll dig into this ultimate guide for creating and deploying your self-confidence immediately -- and infinitely into your new future.

Access to Your Coach, David Wimberley

With the purchase of the course (at any level) you get full access to David Wimberley, your emotions coach, via email and Facebook. Ask me anything! I'll gladly respond. I'm a professional teacher, and I love teaching.

--David Wimberley


If you're not happy for any reason, simply ask for your money back after the first 15 days. Keep the course! You risk nothing.

But you're gonna be happy. I guarantee it. I've searched and searched, and I seem to be the only coach offering this kind of step-by-step, REALISM-BASED system, founded in the research of Albert Ellis, the work of Anthony de Mello, and the traditions of Epictetus.

Actually, you DO risk something -- you risk not taking this opportunity to change your life forever.

If you don't act now, where will you be with your self-confidence in a month? A year? Ten years? Same place?

Try something new to get new results. This course is new and unique.

Nowhere else will you find these techniques.

These mind recipes work. Try them, and change your life. And if they don't work for you immediately, ask for a refund. Even better, keep anything from the course that you've downloaded.

That's how sure I am you'll get the results I promise you.

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Course Curriculum

  Welcome to David Wimberley's "Mind Recipes for Ultimate Self-Confidence"
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  Meditations for David Wimberley's "Mind Recipes for Ultimate Self-Confidence"
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  Mind Recipe #1: Exactly How to Use Your Body to Create Self-Confidence
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  Mind Recipe #2: Going Meta on Steve Jobs' Mind Recipe for Self-Confidence
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  Mind Recipe #3: Emotion Transfer for Self-Confidence
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  Mind Recipe #4: Creating New Transformative Beliefs for Self-Confidence
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  BONUS COURSE:" Drop Fear & Procrastination" -- ANOTHER FULL MIND RECIPE
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David Wimberley, host of The Ultimate Resilience Podcast and the only emotions coach providing step-by-step, done-for-you mind recipes empowering you to create the emotions you need exactly when you need them -- emotions that automatically cause you to take the actions you already know lead to success in your profession, business, or side-hustle.

Take action now, and never again let self-doubt cost you time, money, peace of mind, or opportunities to make a difference.


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